JEFH Woodshop Educational Program

A transformative educational opportunity, tailored for your school & community

We invite you to explore the possibilities that our woodworking program can bring to your students, audience, and your community. Let's embark on this journey of discovery, skill-building, problem-solving, and creative expression together.

Our Story

JEFH Woodshop is a family-operated business with roots in building solid hardwood furniture. Our commitment extends beyond craftsmanship to teaching the art of woodworking to the next generation, fostering both creativity and practical skills.

Our Team

  • Javier Feliu, Woodworking Lead: An engineer with a deep passion for woodworking, Javier brings 14 years of experience to guide students in mastering woodworking skills.
  • Shelley Feliu, Education Lead: With 16 years of experience as an educator, math instructional coach, and gifted program coordinator in the U.S. and internationally, Shelley employs a student-centered approach, drawing from the Reggio Emilia approach, project-based learning, and the IB programme.

Our Values

  • 💪Student Empowerment and Agency
  • 🔨Practical Skill Development
  • 🧠Creative Problem Solving
  • 🎨Appreciation for Craftsmanship and Artistry
  • 🏅Collaboration

Benefits for Students

Woodworking education enhances:

  • ⚙️Fine motor skills
  • 🧭Spatial awareness
  • 📐Mathematical reasoning
  • 🎭Artistic expression
  • 🌳Growth mindset
  • 🕑Time-management skills
  • 🖌️Design thinking
  • 🤹‍♂️Future career skills

Benefits for Schools, Communities, or Institutions.

  • Flexibility in project choice
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Enhancement of the existing curriculum

Our programs not only teach woodworking skills but also connect these skills to real-world applications. Students learn about environmental sustainability, historical craftsmanship, and even the basics of entrepreneurship, preparing them for future career opportunities.

How It Works

There are three ways we can partner together:

  • Stand-Alone, On-Demand Projects
  • Curriculum Integration Program
  • Extracurricular or Summer Camp

Program Overview

Option #1 | Stand-Alone, On-Demand Projects

Offer flexible, engaging woodworking projects that can be integrated into any subject area, enhancing educational goals with hands-on experience.

  • Single Session Projects (3-4 hours / Starting at $1,000): Ideal for an introductory workshop or a simple, engaging project. Perfect for a quick integration into the school day.
  • Full-Day Workshops (6-8 hours / Starting at $2,000 ): Suitable for more in-depth exploration of woodworking skills and project completion. Offers a deeper dive into the craft.
  • Custom Quotes: Available for projects outside standard offerings, tailored to fit unique curricular needs and complexities.
  • Materials Fee: A variable fee based on the project scope, ensuring all students have access to materials and tools.

Benefits for Schools:

  • Flexibility to choose projects that align with current teaching units or themes.
  • Opportunity to introduce students to woodworking without long-term commitment.
  • Enhances the existing curriculum with practical, hands-on learning experiences.

Option #2 | Curriculum Integration Program

Our Curriculum Integration Program is designed to seamlessly blend woodworking projects with your school's existing curriculum throughout the academic year. Tailored to complement subjects across the board, from science and math to history and art, this program enriches students' learning experiences by providing practical, hands-on applications of theoretical knowledge

Groups and Hours:

  • Groups are segmented by grade level or development stages
  • Each group can have up to 10 hours* per week distributed during the week based upon availability and the needs of the project. 

Group Sizes:

  • Kindergarten-3rd grade - up to 10 students with a member of teaching staff or parents present 
  • 4th-8th grades - up to 8 students
  • 9th-12th grades - up to 10 students


  • Monthly
  • Semester Program
  • Year-Round Program

Fee Structure:

We will offer a reduced fee depending on how many months you commit to our program, that way we can work with you in a specific time frame and follow your curriculum objectives.

  • Monthly Program: Starting at $6,000 per month
  • Semester Program**: Starting at $4,333 per month
  • School Year-Round Program**: Starting at $3,500 per month
  • Special Tutoring: If some of your students desire to explore further, we can arrange with you for after-school coaching.
  • Additional Services: We can develop custom projects if they arise and are not covered by the initial agreement.

*For all options, materials and tools for one group are included in the price, based on a collective commitment of 40 hours per month. Should you wish to accommodate multiple groups within this 40-hour allotment, the pricing remains unchanged, provided the total instructional hours do not exceed 40. The only additional cost incurred will be for extra materials required per additional group.

**Price is for payment in full for the complete duration of the program. If paying monthly, we can adjust the price after meeting.

Option #3 | Extracurricular or Summer Camp Program

Our Extracurricular and Summer Camp Programs offer dynamic, engaging woodworking classes designed to fit into after-school activities, summer camps, or weekend workshops. These stand-alone sessions are perfect for students who wish to explore woodworking outside the traditional classroom setting, providing a creative outlet and skill-building opportunity

Program Options:

  • After-School Program: Sessions of 1 hour over the span of the academic semester, quarter, or trimester. Structured to introduce students to woodworking, culminating in a final project that encapsulates the skills learned. Max 10 Students
  • Weekend workshops: A perfect opportunity for parents and children to bond or for groups of children who share similar interests. A one-day, 4-6 hour session (depending on the project) with breaks. Theme and topic are variable. Max 10 Students
  • Week-Long Summer Camp: A comprehensive, immersive experience over 5 days, 3-4 hours per day. Students undertake multiple projects, enhancing their woodworking skills while exploring creativity and design. Max 10 Students

Fee Structure:

  • After-School Program: Starting at $35.00 per student and per session.
  • Weekend workshops:  Starting at $140 per student or $175 parent and children combo.
  • Week-Long Summer Camp: Starting at $630 per student

Materials Fee: All materials and tools are provided.

Sample Projects

A PDF download to an appendix with detailed project examples by grade level is included here.

Career Development Opportunities

  • Empowering students with career skills
  • Help students gain access on networking and apprenticeship programs
  • Exploring diverse career paths
  • Real-world skill application
  • Community engagement and entrepreneurship

Why Choose Us?

JEFH Woodshop stands out for its unique educational philosophy, combining expertise in woodworking with comprehensive career development, customizable programs, and a commitment to safety.


Phone: +1 904 579 0138