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We are the brothers, José and Javier Feliú Horne (JEFH). We co-founded this furniture studio and woodshop. We do not seek to work on simultaneous jobs but rather to work and perfect one piece at a time.

Our design is nurtured from our motherland, Panama, and the Latin American culture, its exquisite exotic hardwoods, and its rich history.

Los hermanos José y Javier Feliú Horne (JEFH), co-fundaron JEFH Woodshop en el 2016 como estudio/taller. No buscamos trabajar en trabajos simultáneos, sino más bien trabajar y perfeccionar una pieza a la vez.

Nuestro diseño se nutre de nuestra tierra natal, Panamá, y la cultura latinoamericana, sus exquisitas maderas duras exóticas y su rica historia.

Commission work

After running our Furniture Studio full-time for seven years, and taking a full stop for a year, we decided to transition JEFH Woodshop to serve a niche clientele and take on very limited projects each year. We look only to work on one-of-a-kind pieces that will bring a challenge for us and unique pieces to you.
For commission work or pieces, contact us at jefh@jefhwoodshop.com

Southeast Florida, USA

We are moving operations to Southeast Florida, USA, and we will be offering our custom and bespoke furniture design and manufacturing for residential and commercial projects. If you are a designer or restaurant owner or want a unique tropical wooden piece of furniture, we would love to hear from you!

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